The Chakra Series-The Crown Chakra

The Chakra Series

We are now at the final post of our Chakra Series, which is our Seventh chakra, or Crown Chakra. The Sanskrit name for the crown chakra is “Sahasrara” which means “thousandfold.” This chakra is located at the top of the head, and when working with its energies we strive towards the goal of enlightenment, self-realization, fulfillment, and the divine self.

Crown Chakra Basics

Location- Top Of Head

Sanskrit name & Meaning- Sahasrara/ Thousandfold

Associated color- violet, gold, White

Main Issue- Spirituality

Glandular connection- Pineal

Associated body parts- Upper skull, cerebral cortex, skin

Element & ruling planet- thought/ cosmic energy/ Uranus

Astrological Associations- Aquarius

Associated Sense- Beyond Self

Fragrances/ Incense/ Oils- Lavender, Frankincense, Rosewood

Crystals- Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Diamond

Animals & Archetypes- (none) Guru/Egocentric

Physical dysfunctions-Sensitivity to pollutants, chronic exhaustion, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s

Emotional dysfunctions- depression, obsessional thinking, confusion

Sacramental association- Extreme unction

Foods- (none) Fasting

Developmental age & life lesson- (N/A) Selflessness

What is the current status of your crown chakra?….

When we begin to work with our crown chakra, it is important to know its current status. How does your crown chakra spin?

Too Open (spins too fast)- Psychotic or manic depressive, confused sexual expression, frustrated, sense of unrealized power.

Blocked (spins sluggishly or not at all)- constantly exhausted, can’t make decisions, no sense of “belonging”

Balanced (spins at correct vibrational speed)- magnetic personality, achieves “miracles” in life, transcendent, at peace with self.

How Do you connect to the Divine?- About Archetypes….

There are positive and negative archetypes associated with the crown chakra. The negative being the “Egocentric” and the positive being the “Guru”.

The Chakra Series

The Chakra Series

The Chakra Series

To learn more about the crown chakra, and also these archetypes, please check out the book “ The Book Of Chakra Healing” by Liz Simpson.

Here are a few meditations I use on my Insight Timer app for the Crown Chakra….

The Crown Chakra The Crown Chakra

I hope you have enjoyed The Chakra Series, and that it inspires you to, read more on this subject, and to work with your own chakra energies.

The Crown Chakra

Until next time,

The Chakra Series

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