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The Chakra Series-The Crown Chakra

The Chakra Series-The Crown Chakra

We are now at the final post of our Chakra Series, which is our Seventh chakra, or Crown Chakra. The Sanskrit name for the crown chakra is “Sahasrara” which means “thousandfold.” This chakra is located at the top of the head, and when working with […]

The Chakra Series- The Third Eye Chakra

The Chakra Series- The Third Eye Chakra

  We are almost to the end of our Chakra Series! Today’s post is all about The Third Eye. The Third eye Chakra, also called Ajna in Sanskrit, means “to perceive” or “To Know.” This chakra is located above and between the eyebrows. This is […]

The Chakra Series- The Throat Chakra

The Chakra Series- The Throat Chakra


The Chakra Series- The Throat Chakra

Today we continue with our Chakra Series with our 5thChakra, which is located at the throat. In Sanskrit this chakra is referred to as the “Vishuddha” which means “Purification.” When working with this chakra we are looking to purify our intention in regard to speech and communication. We learn to choose words that bring value and meaning, not just empty chit chat. To reach a pure form of truthful communication, we must first work our way through the previous four chakras, so our throat chakra can fully open, and we are free to speak to productively express ourselves. This chakra is all about personal expression combined with responsibility.

The Throat Chakra Basics….

Location- Base of neck/throat

Name and Meaning- Vishuddha/Purification

Associated Color- Blue

Main Issue- Communication/ Self expression

Glandular connection- Thyroid/ Parathyroid

Associated body parts- Mouth, Throat, ears

Element and ruling planet- Ether/Mercury

Astrological associations-Gemini, Virgo

Associated Sense- Sound/ Hearing


Crystals-Lapis Lazuli/Turquoise/Aquamarine

Animals and Archtypes- elephant, Bull, /communicator, Masked Self

Physical Dysfunctions- Sore throats, neckache, thyroid problems, tinnitus, asthma

Emotional Dysfunctions- perfectionism, inability to express emotions, blocked creativity

Sacramental associations- Confession

Foods- Fruit

Developmental age & Life Lesson- 28-35 yrs/ Personal expression

The Chakra Series- The Throat Chakra
Necklaces made of these gemstones/crystals are ideal for those looking to tune into their throat chakra, much like the necklace shown HERE.

How does your Throat Chakra Spin?

What is the current status of your throat chakra? Is it too open? Too closed? Or is it spinning in harmony? Here are the symptoms of each….

Too Open- If your chakra spins too fast you may be over-talkative, dogmatic, self-righteous, or arrogant

Blocked or closed- If your chakra spins sluggishly or not at all you may find yourself holding back from self expression, unreliable, or holding inconsistent views.

A Balanced Chakra- which spins at the correct speed will make one a good communicator, contented, easy to meditate, and artistically inspired.

A word about Archetypes….

The two archetypes associated with the throat chakra are the communicator and the masked self. When our throat chakra is out of balance one “masks” their true self. They are incapable of openly and honestly expressing themselves. In contrast the balanced individual will be excellent communicators. They “walk their talk” and they know how to express themselves with amazing clarity and purpose.

The Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra Meditations….

As mentioned in our other chakra posts, I use an app called “Insight Timer.” If you are interested in some throat chakra meditations, here are a few that are available on the app….

I hope you are enjoying our chakra series. Our next post will be on the Third Eye Chakra.

The Chakra Series-The Throat Chakra

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The Chakra Series-The Solar Plexus Chakra

The Chakra Series-The Solar Plexus Chakra

The Chakra Series-The Solar Plexus Chakra We are continuing our chakra series today by discussing the 3rdchakra, or solar plexus chakra. If you didn’t read our root chakra or sacral chakra posts, you can check them out here, and here. In Sanskrit the solar plexus […]

The Chakra Series-the Sacral Chakra

The Chakra Series-the Sacral Chakra

This week in our Chakra Series, we will be discussing the svadhisthana chakra, or sacral chakra. If you missed our first post on the 1stchakra or root chakra, please go read it now here. In the root chakra post I suggest a great book to […]

The Chakra Series-The Root Chakra

The Chakra Series-The Root Chakra

The Root Chakra-part of our Chakra series @www.gossamerydreams.com


Back in February I wrote about how meditation had changed my life for the better (Click here to read). Today I am going to share with you my favorite type of meditation focus-The chakras.

According to Liz Simpson, the author of ‘The Book of Chakra Healing’ “The Chakras are metaphysical vortices of energy originating in the ancient Indian system of healing, which positions them in seven major centres down the body, controlling the flow of subtle energies.” So you can imagine when one of these areas of the body becomes blocked or stagnant. The result can manifest itself in many ways, from mental and emotional issues, to actual a physical health problems. The purpose of chakra meditation is to unblock and/or increase, or even decrease points of energy flow in your various chakra points. Today we I am going to share a little bit about the first Chakra-the Root Chakra….


Location: Perineum

Sanskrit Name and Meaning: Muladhara- meaning “root or support”

Color association: Red

Main issue: Survival and physical needs

Glandular connection: Adrenals

Body parts: Bones and skeleton

Element and Planet: Earth/ Saturn

Astrological associations: Capricorn

Associated sense: Smell

Fragrances/Incense and Oils: Ceadarwood, Myrrh, Patchouli

Crystals: Hematite, Tiger’s eye, Bloodstone

Animals/Archetypes: elephant/ earth mother/victim

Physical dysfunctions: osteoarthritis

Emotional Dysfunctions: Mental Lethargy, “spaciness”, incapable of inner stillness

Sacramental association: Baptism

Foods: proteins/ meat

Developmental age/Life Lesson: 1 to 8 years old, standing up for oneself

STAYING GROUNDED…How does your root chakra spin?

The root chakra is what keeps us grounded to the earth. It has the lowest vibrational rate of all the chakras, and it resonates with the color red. It connects us to our maternal existence, and when healthy can help us to overcome obstacles.

If you chakra is “too open” or spins too fast, one can exhibit certain behaviors such as bullying, being over materialistic, self centered, and engages in physical foolhardiness.

If the root chakra is blocked, or spins sluggishly or not at all, we can become emotional needy, have low self esteem, become fearful, and take on self destructive behavior.

If your root chakra is balanced, and maintains equilibrium and spins at the correct speed, one will achieve self mastery, high physical energy, become grounded, and exude optimal health.

Keeping contact with your root chakra energy brings an awareness to how your physical body and survival needs are affected through diet, exercise, and interrelations with others in your particular group or family.


In Liz Simpson’s book mentioned at the beginning of this post, it is noted that “Psychologists state that babies ‘fed on demand’ learn to trust that their needs will be meant. If this is reinforced, these individuals go through life expecting the same, and are rarely disappointed. Babies left to cry learn to distrust and expect disappointments, believing that they do not deserve their needs to me met. This can affect how they conduct relationships later on in life.”

WOW….that is pretty profound. When you think of all of the generations of people out there who were told to just “let the baby cry”…it is no wonder we find the world in the state it is in. Imagine if everyone took time each day to connect to their chakras and focused on peace and harmony! The world would be a much happier place.

The Root Chakra-part of our Chakra series @www.gossamerydreams.com


What I have written here is just a quick summary to introduce you to our base chakra. If you would like to learn more, a great introduction to the chakra system would be the book I mentioned in this post. Cot obtain your own copy of this book, just click on the photo below!

The Book Of Chakra Healing @gossamerydreams.com

Next post in our Chakra series will be about the Sacral Chakra….

Until next post….