SHAPING UP FOR SUMMER SERIES-My favorite ways to get fit for the summer season.

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Shaping up for summer…my favorite ways to get fit for the summer season.

I feel so much gratitude for being gifted the chance to live in an area where there are 4 seasons. Every few months I have new sights, sounds, weather, and foods to look forward to. When spring rolls around, I love to watch the trees, as they begin to explode forth with new green leaves. It’s amazing to watch the tulips and daffodils emerge from the soil, and the dogwood and redbud trees bless us with delicate pink and white blooms. This change of season also signals a reset in my fitness program. It’s time to shed the “winter fluff” that has accumulated on my body, and shred down to show off my hard earned muscle. Usually around October, I begin to add more calories to my daily meals. I love all the hearty warming food fall has to offer, and I enjoy myself thoroughly. I still workout, but my focus is more on building muscle tissue, and less on “getting shredded.” I never allow myself to gain more than 5 to 7 pounds over the autumn/winter season. If I were to gain more than that, it would just make it harder, and take longer to sweat it off, and I have better things to do with my time. LOL!

Summer Shape Up Series! My favorite ways to get fit for summer! Get fit with us at
I adore the smell of the woods in summer!! Nothing beats running or biking down the trail!
Summer Shape Up Series! Get fit with us at
Biking in autumn is always a pleasure, especially after a nice breakfast!
Summer Shape Up Series! Get fit with us at
My family and I love to bike through the woods! We are lucky to live in an area where there are thousands of miles of biking trails like this one!


My favorite ways to shed fat for summer…

Hands down, my favorite way to lean out for summer doesn’t require a gym membership! It is free, and anyone, anywhere can do it! All one has to do is step outside! My two favorite ways to get my sweat on in spring are walking/running, or mountain biking. When ever I take to the outdoors for my workout, I actually burn more calories than if I was on an elliptical, treadmill, or other cardio machine. The beauty, and energy all around me, is so motivating and inspiring, that I find I push myself harder and sweat more. Being out on a beautiful trail also eases my stress, and clears my head. It’s so good for the soul to reconnect with the natural world. This week I have started to ramp up my outdoor workouts. I have several trails and areas I like to frequent. I really want to visit some new places I haven’t been before, and review them for this blog. I am so lucky to live in an area with so many options for outdoor exercise. There are thousands of miles of trails all over. It’s just amazing.

Summer Shape Up Series! Get fit with us at
One of our favorite trails we frequent. We walk our dog, run, and bike! Its great because it’s paved, so when we don’t feel like getting too dusty on a dirt trail, we come here.
Another common sight along one of our favorite trails. Lots of wildlife!
Summer Shape Up Series! Get fit with us at
“The spooky old tree”- one of our favorite trees at the state park we love to bike at!
Summer Shape Up Series! Get fit with us at
These bridges can be quite hazardous when they get wet. Lots of slipping and sliding! You can see there is moss on them. It’s like an oil slick!
A lot of people like to go for walks or run on Duke of Gloucester street in Colonial Williamsburg. Sunday’s are great if you have a dog, because everyone walks with their pups then! You can see in this photo I took, there are several people jogging down the road!
Summer Shape Up Series! Get fit with us at
Riding off into the sunset!! We adore riding our bikes as a family


Weight Training to build muscle and boost metabolism….

I always train with weights, and this does require a gym membership, or purchasing your own equipment. Over the years, we have purchased many pieces of equipment, and have our own gym in our garage. After I had kids, I found the convenience of working out at home, a much easier option….and it also saved us a lot of money (not just in gym fees but gas to get to the gym!) I have worked out at gyms as well, but I prefer not having to wait in line for equipment, or being exposed to germs (YUCK!) as not all people are considerate, and stay at home when ill.

Summer Shape Up Series! Get fit with us at
Hit those weights to build muscle mass, and boost your metabolism!

I train with weights 5 days a week for spring/summer training, and in the autumn/winter, I usually cut that down to 3 or 4 days a week (heavy weights). I currently am utilizing a split routine, and work at least two body parts a day. I usually will follow this up with some sort of cardio. If I am not taking my cardio outdoors, I perform HIIT for 10 to 20 minutes on my treadmill, or with a body weight circuit of plyometric exercises.

Summer Shape Up Series! Get fit with us at
last year’s summer shape up photo. I wonder what this year’s will look like!
Summer Shape Up Series! Get fit with us at
                                 Sun’s out! Guns Out! 😉


My body type….

For my body type, I absolutely need to do regular cardio. I gain muscle fairly easy, especially in my upper body. I hold my body fat in my lower abdomen and legs, and regular cardio is what melts it off in those areas. If you have stubborn body fat on your lower body, then sprints are your best friend, I highly recommend them, especially if you have a hill you can get at! Sprint up the hill, then walk back down. This will also work for a long flight of stairs.

Summer Shape Up Series! Get fit with us at
I couldn’t imagine not being able to be out in nature! It’s the best way to get a sweat on!

I also do well with a more moderate carbohydrate intake. If I eat too many carbs, I bloat. I will literally gain a pound or two in water weight overnight! This being said, if I am going to load up on carbs, I make sure to burn them off. If I know I am going to mountain bike all day with my family, I consume those carbs.

Summer Shape Up Series! Get fit with us at
One of my many workout outfits.

And so it begins….

I have now started my summer fitness program. It will be interesting to see how fast or slow I will lean out. We spend a lot of time out on our boat, so I am always wearing swimwear. Who doesn’t want to look their best in a bikini? I will be updating my progress as time goes on here. If you want an idea of what type of weight training I do, just click HERE. What are your favorite ways to get in shape for summer? Are you ready to join me in my fitness quest? Comment below and join the conversation!

Have a wonderful week everyone! Stay fit and healthy!

“beautiful mornings and sweet dreams” love Amy and Ciarra-Come be a part of our community





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