My Favorites from January 2019!

Hello everyone and happy February!

 It is time to reflect on the previous month by looking at some of my favorites from January, as well as wrapping-up my thoughts on the month! Lets get started!


Enamel Pins!

Enamel pin by Reyhan Yil.

 In January, I found my next obsession…enamel pins! I follow so many talented artists who have created their own wonderful enamel pins, and I always wanted to get some for myself. So now I have a nice little beginning to my collection!

The top pin is by Reyhan Yil (@reyhansartwork) and features her character Anubis. I love, love her work. She does such an amazing job with copics!

The bottom pin is by Griselda (@lord_gris) and features a little demon bun, which is part of a pair. I really want to get the other one in this set! But her art is just as fantastic, and the way she uses her mediums to make her characters glow…it’s so beautiful!

Gold Sweater

Gold Sweater from Target.

As featured with my enamel pins, I got this awesome sweater from Target in January, and it is one of my absolute favorites now! It’s really comfortable and thick, so its been great with all of this cold weather we have been having. When I first went in to Target back during Christmas, I thought I had seen this sweater mixed in with that ladies clothes, since they have a number of things in this gold color. I didn’t purchase it then and so it haunted me for weeks. Finally, I just decided to go back into my local Target and find it again…but I didn’t see it in the ladies clothes? hmm….

Well, that’s because this is actually a small mans sweater.  I was not thrilled with any of the women’s sweaters in this color, because they were so thin, and I really prefer sweaters that are more on the thicker side. Buying clothing from the men’s section is definitely not alien to me. I’ve done it plenty times before. If I like it and it fits…I don’t see a problem with it! Especially since men’s clothes can be WAY cheaper than clothes for women. -_-  Your girl wants to save some money whenever she can!

Gold Sweater from Target.


Favorite art piece from January!

The Oasis by Ciarra Stebbins (@ciarra_13). Find more at

I’ve had a lot of new things in the work during January, but those have to stay a surprise for now! 😉

But this piece I titled The Oasis is definitely one I can share with you all right now! I had this sketch in my archives for awhile, but one evening I wanted to wind down with something I could feel free to experiment with. I love using these colors, and I have been really obsessed with yellows/greens as of late. Plus, I just love drawing mermaids.

Another thing art related I want to share is…

Massive Redbubble Update @ciarra-13!

In January, I added a ton of new items to my Redbubble shop, some of which are those art projects I hinted to working on. 😉


Final thoughts on the month of January

Overall, January was a pretty stressful month with the whole government shutdown craziness, and there is still so much anxiety as to what is to develop down the road. During that whole mess though, I think I got a good amount of things done, even though motivation on the whole was low. Coming into February, I still have a number of things I need to get done, but I also want the month to have some down time–some reflection and discovery. You can’t be go, go, go all the time. This is something I know I am working on improving and balancing out in my life.

But yeah guys, that is my wrap-up and favorites for January! I would love to hear about some of you favorite things from the month!

What are you looking forward to in February? 

Until next time! 🙂

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