30 Day HIIT and Mini Band Challenge

30 Day HIIT and Mini Band Challenge

The challenge-

Today we are going to share with you something we have wanted to do for a long time; A fitness challenge! We wanted this challenge to be one that everyone can take part in, and that didn’t require a gym. We knew we wanted to pick a workout plan that wasn’t too lengthy, and that is easy to fit it into a busy schedule. We decided to go with a HIIT challenge and mini band work, to firm up those legs and glutes!

What is HIIT?

Many of you probably already know what HIIT is, but in case you don’t, it stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It is a quick paced, “balls to the wall” type of training that is very effective at burning fat, yet preserving muscle. It’s a win win workout! You don’t need any special equipment for this type of workout, and you can do it anywhere.

Mini Band Training-

To our 30 day HIIT we will be adding mini band training. This is simply a big rubber band that you place around your ankle or thighs in which you preform resistance exercises to strengthen the hips, legs, and glutes. If you have ever been in physical therapy for knee problems, then there are chances you have already performed some of these exercises. We will do the mini band training BEFORE we do our HIIT training. Why is this you ask? It warms up your joints, and activates the muscles you will using in your HIIT program.

Where to get your Loop/Mini bands-

You can pick up these bands at just about any decent sporting good store, and you can every check places like Walmart and Target. Amazon of course carries them as well. They are cheap, yet effective tools!

30 Day HIIT & Mini Band Challenge! Join Us!

If you don’t wish to do the loop band portion of this challenge, you don’t have to, yet I highly recommend it. It is just another added layer in the fitness program that will get you results sooner than later.

The workout….

Starting September 1st, We will begin this challenge! We will be taking part in the 30 day HIIT challenge from DareBee.com, which you can access HERE.

30 Day HIIT & Mini Band Challenge! Join Us!

For the loop band pre-HIIT exercises you will do the following (before you do you HIIT)….

30 Day HIIT & Mini Band Challenge! Join Us!

I will be adding this challenge as an addition to my regular weight lifting routine. I love it because it is simple and does’t take a lot of time to get it done. If you notice with each workout you will see three different levels. Start with the level you find challenging. If you have never tried HIIT before, I suggest starting with level 1. If after a couple weeks, you feel you need to amp it up, try level 2 and so on. Please consult with you medical professional before starting any exercise, and please be smart! If something hurts ( I mean hurts like an injury) then please stop! If you feel faint or dizzy, then STOP! Listen to your body! It is trying to tell you something.

Make sure to include a healthy eating plan with this program consisting of whole, unprocessed foods. Stay away from junk food. Your body will thank you.

Are you ready to give it a go?….

So who will be joining us in our challenge? I hope so! Are you ready to get your sweat on? I am! LET’S DO THIS!!!!

Please leave a comment if you are going to give this a try, so we can support each other! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Happy Workout everyone!

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