My Favorites for July & Wrap-up!  

Hello everyone! We have officially wrapped up the month of July, so it’s time to recap some of my favorite things from this month!


Books I Read…

My 4 Favorite Graphic Novels for July! Read about it at

Over the past few months I haven’t done much traditional novel reading, and I still have a number of unread novels on my bookshelf that I hope to get to in the month of August. On the other hand I have read a number of graphic novels which I do pretty much every month. In a recent blog post I shared the 4 that are my favorite for this month, which you can read HERE.


Art Wrap-up…

At the beginning of the month I did a lot of experiments and challenges which was a nice break before hunkering down to work on some new series, organize, finish some older works, and make plans for future pieces. At the end of this month I also officially opened up commissions! So if you would be interested in commissioning me, please go to my Instagram to find my email or contact me through a message.

Some of the challenges I did were the 1 hue challenge, emoji challenge (which I still have some more to finish), and emotion challenges with some of my original characters! You can see all of these at my Instagram HERE.

Here are some of my favorites from the month!

Geode, by Ciarra Stebbins. Find more at or @ciarra_13.


The Kelpie, by Ciarra Stebbins. Find more at or @ciarra_13.
The Kelpie


Enlightenment, by Ciarra Stebbins. Find more at or @Ciarra_13.


Star Dust, by Ciarra Stebbins. Find more at or @Ciarra_13.
Star Dust


Potion Practice, by Ciarra Stebbins. Find more at or @Ciarra_13.
Potion Practice


Galactic Sweet-tooth, by Ciarra Stebbins. Find more at or @Ciarra_13.
Galactic Sweet-tooth


Also, one of the art challenges doing its rounds on social media is the #drawthisinyourstyle, which I created my own edition for! Feel free to give it a try and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #pastelgalaxygirl so I can see it! Don’t forget to tag me too! 😉

Pastel Galaxy Girl, by Ciarra Stebbins. Find more at or @Ciarra_13.
Pastel Galaxy Girl


Since I didn’t get a chance to share it for June, here is my favorite art piece from that month!

The Little Mermaid, by Ciarra Stebbins. Find more at or @ciarra_13.
The Little Mermaid


New Photography Account…

A big part of July for me wasn’t just organizing my personal work space, but also my Art Instagram which led me to create a new account just for photography! I’m really happy I made this new account since it has revitalized my enjoyment for taking pictures for the things that catch my attention!

I’m also going to be taking a photography class this fall so its good to get some practice in before then!

My Favorites for July & Wrap-up, read about it at

If you would like to see more please follow my photography account HERE.


So What’s the Plan for August?

August will be my last few weeks of summer before heading into my final semester at my current college! I will definitely be jamming in as much reading, drawing, and general fun before I need to prepare everything for my classes. This semester will definitely be very busy but also very exciting, since I will be putting together my final senior art exhibition!

I will share more about that in the coming months!


Thanks for reading and I hope you all had a great July!

What were some of your favorites from July? Let me know in the comments down below!

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